Heat transfer by radiation

wl 460


  • Experiments on heat radiation are demanding. In order to achieve sufficient radiant power, the radiating surfaces have to reach very high temperatures.

  • The main component of the experimental device is a thin, disc-shaped metal sample. One of different metallic samples is placed on a thermocouple and heated contact-free via a highly concentrated beam of light. The thermal radiation emitted by the sample is measured by a thermopile. In order to be able to measure the radiation at different distances, the thermopile is mounted on a movable sled.

Good measuring results

  • minimisation of heat conduction at the samples

  • insensitive to thermal disturbances from the environment

Quick experiments

  • rapid heating of the samples by intensive heat radiation and small sample dimensions

  • rapid cooling of the sample


  • investigation of heat radiation on different surfaces heated by a concentrated beam of light

  • generation of the concentrated beam of light with a continuously adjustable halogen lamp and a parabolic reflector

  • 6 different metallic samples

  • thermopile on a movable carriage for measuring the heat radiation

  • display of temperature and radiation intensity in the software

  • due to integrated microprocessor-based instrumentation no additional devices with error-prone wiring are required

  • functions of the GUNT software: system operation, data acquisition, educational software

  • network capability: LAN/WLAN connection of any number of external workstations with GUNT software for observation and evaluation of the experiments

  • E-Learning: multi-media didactic materials accessible online

Learning objectives/ experiments

  • verify Lambert’s inverse-square law

  • verify Stefan-Boltzmann law

  • verify Kirchhoff’s law

  • study transient behaviour

  • create power balances

  • produce logarithmic diagrams for evaluations


  • multi-media online course, which enables learning independent of time and place

  • access via Internet browser

  • educational software including different learning modules

  • course in the fundamentals

  • detailed thematic courses

  • check through targeted review of the learning objectives

  • authoring system with editor that enables you to integrate your own, local content into the educational software


  • effect of different surfaces on heat transfer by radiation

  • network capability: network access to ongoing experiments by any number of external workstations

  • GUNT software: operation and control of the experimental unit, data acquisition and educational software

  • E-Learning: multi-media didactic materials accessible online

Technical Data

Halogen lamp

  • electrical power 150W

  • max. temperature: approx. 460°C

Aluminium samples, Ø 20mm

  • 1x matt anodized on both sides

  • 1x painted on both sides (high-temperature paint)

  • 1x matt anodized with one painted side

Copper samples, Ø 20mm

  • 1x nickel-plated

  • 1x bright, oxidizes over time

Stainless steel sample, Ø 20mm

  • 1x bright, oxidizes over time

Measuring ranges

  • temperature: 0…780°C

  • radiation intensity: 0…1250W/m2

  • 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase

  • 230V, 60Hz, 1 phase; 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase

  • UL/CSA optional

Dimensions and weight

  • LxWxH: 670x350x370mm

  • Weight: approx. 18kg

Required for operation

  • PC with Windows